200level Student of FUNAAB expelled for writing an open letter to their VC

In the said open letter, Ifemosu talked about the alleged poor transportation system of the institution, as well as the way students were reportedly being harassed by the police.

He accused the management of “lackadaisical attitude and unprofessional management decisions” which he said was causing calamitous implosion in FUNAAB.

His words, “Students lectures starts 9am and it is no more news that Funaabites queue, fight, and struggle to attend classes and also leave the school premises, however The Vice chancellor and the entire University Management team is seen with one or two official car(s); this makes transportation easier for them while student remain stranded and languishing in an unending tragedy.

“The Funaab Bureau of Transport (FUNAABOT) has performed below expectations despite millions of naira allotted and allocated to the department for the purchase and renovation of MANCOTS but all went down the drain. Those monies remain carpeted till this moment.

“Again! I read in the News that the Vice-Chancellor of Funaab wrote to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) that they are free to arrest students found wanting and guilty of cybercrimes.

“I would have said it was a good move not until I became a victim and also received report of the arrest and detention of innocent students who were unjustly Harrassed , Extorted and Brutalized.

“This is what you get when people who if managing a poultry, would make sure eggs are stolen, are given a University to manage.

“It is rather unfortunate that we have accepted the sad reality that relegates our ‘scholars’ to chasers of political appointments – people who are ready to lick butts to be made INEC returning officers, Political Aides, VCs , Directors, Deans and even Head of Departments.”

Angered by Ifemosu’s open letter on Facebook, the young man had his studentship terminated by the Senate of the university.

In his letter of expulsion signed by the Registrar, Dr Bola Adekola, the university confirmed that it expelled the student for writing an open letter on Facebook to the Vice Chancellor of FUNAAB.

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