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*NIN- National Identification Number* 
     This is the number that comes along with your NATION IDENTITY CARD.This number is a *unique number* attached to you and has your biometric embedded in it just like Bank Verification Number (BVN).

     *NO NIN, NO JAMB REGISTRATION* is the latest initiative of JAMB to mainly *reduce the rate of Examination Malpractices* in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).
     Over the years, despite the introduction of Biometric Capturing for JAMB registration, people who engage in malpractices do find their way around it.

     This is done in two ways, after liaisoning with CBT Operator/Manager  
1. _Multiple REGISTRATIONS_ --- permutating and combining of the fingers in different Registrations

2. _Impersonation_ --- Two people doing biometric capturing for a particular registration-- the actual candidate and the impersonator.

      So the CBT OPERATOR will only request your NIN, input it then your Biometric POPS UP and you will then supply other required details.

The NO NIN NO JAMB REGISTRATION initiative will go a long way in curbing this as BIOMETRIC CAPTURING will not be done at CBT CENTERS ANY LONGER.

 *The NIN bears your BIOMETRICS.* 

So, there will be no manipulation as regards BIOMETRIC CAPTURING or will be reduced to the barest minimum. As no sensible person, will adulterate his/her NATIONAL ID CARD (Biometric) because of Examination Malpractice.

Also, it'll ensures fast registration. and reduce the long queue attached to JAMB registration.

 *National Identity Management Commission* 

      This is the commission that is in charge of issuing National ID Card (NIN). It has outlets in nooks and crannies of the nation. The outlets are called NIMC Centres. NIMC Centres are in virtually all the Public Tertiary Institutions and Local Government Secretariats, State Secretariats and NIMC Branches. Just ask around in your vicinity you'll find one.

The NIN REGISTRATION is in 3 phases
1. *The first day* you'll be enrolled you'll supply your details.
You'll be given a brownish slip--❌❌❌❌ . *That is not the NIN o*. 
You'll be ask to come back after 2weeks (14days) but it'll have a tracking number.

2. *The second day* you'll use the tracking number on the brown slip to check for your new slip.
 *The new white slip* contains your NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER.

That is what you actually need for JAMB registration. You'll be ask to keep checking back for the actual ID CARD.

3. This stage ehn, you'll keep checking, it could take years but there's a site where you can check if your card is available or not (Don't ask me because I don't know it, google is your friend😜 at least you'll accidentally read more about it).

I did my registration last year (October 2018) I'm yet to get my Card (November 2019) but I have my NIN which does exactly what the CARD can do.

Oh! I'm less than 16/18 years old😭
I don't have BVN🤦🏽‍♂
I don't need NIN, I'm in school already

 I *don't* need NIN, I'm in school already
You *need* it o, being an undergraduate or graduate is the reason why you need it *_more_*. Some scholarships application requires it.And Biko you're educated🤐.
Oh! I'm less than 16/18 years old😭
Worry not, JAMB has got you covered just go there (NIMC Centres)

I don't have BVN🤦🏽‍♂
No problem, you will be allowed to link your NIN with your parent's BVN

What you need for NIN enrollment
No passports

It's Free
No charges

But you know Nigerian Civil Servants Sha.
Some will compulsory lamination of the slip for you like here in Mac Arthur Building University of Ibadan Besides Faculty of Education.
They'll collect 200 for cold lamination of the slips.

 *Note*  14days after registration is when you'll get the NIN.
So, I *strongly advise you* to enrol before January so that the NIN won't be the reason why you'll not be able to register for JAMB. 
Doing it soonest is your best option.
As, by January the Centres will be populated and there'll be pressure on the operator which is likely to make mistake while filling your details or doing your biometric capturing. 

 *So tell everyone you know especially those that'll be taking JAMB to enrol today* .


Any questions? About NIN?
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