Life Fades - A Poem

Life fades...... 
Visions deems...... 
All that remains are memories 
Time of chaos are remembered, ruined dreams, wasted lands. 

When world was powered by black fuel, flaming the wickedness of man, while desert sprouted great cities of pipe and steel.... All gone now, swept away by wind of perversion. 

Men began to feed on men for survival, on the road it was a white link nightmare. 

What a pity, only those mobile enough to scavage, brutal enough to pillage would survive.
The weaker ones took over the highways, ready to wage war for a tank of juice, spilling the blood not enough for their long life race, as they were battered and smashed by the deceit of the stronger ones. 

The survivors has nothing to show, because their homes have been left desolate, while everything has been laid waste, taking up their journey in sorrow into the waste land, and tragically hunted by their pasts and experiences. 

How will the men start to carry-on their lives, 
They can, if they will, not allowing themselves to be down, strengthening themselves to reach the end, that would bring them all joys they have never experienced.

Forget the war, assaults, bring on the best, and stop not.... It'll be happy ending. 

And if all seems to be nightmares, 

They should wake up to realities, and begin to thread on path to success. 

The flaws and uncertainty of life must never be the hindrance to Heads that is being raised up, to change the outcome of negative experiences, for betterment of the future.

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