Student expelled for impregnating his lecturer

A student of the Federal University of Lafia (Fulafia) impregnating his lecturer is the latest news trending the internet. Kevin is a student of the bachelor of computer science in the university. He was expelled from the university after sleeping with his lecturer and successfully impregnating her. 

It was gathered by VARSITY GIST that the university disciplinary board is said to have received the disheartening news of the student sleeping and impregnating his lecturer with acute shock, before deciding such a cruel penalty on the student.
Kevin’s action which has since put the university in the limelight for immorality and promiscuous behaviour has not only watered down the dignity of the university, but also the integrity of the lecturers therein.
A number of people have come out to criticize the level of self-respect for the lecturers and the codes that regulate the teacher versus student interaction.

The student who was called by the board to receive his expulsion letter argued sadly that the mistake was not entirely his.
Kevin clarified that the initial advances into the love affair were initiated by the lecturer, who ended up desperately pleading with him to engage in a sexual affair with her and even possibly impregnating her.
He confessed that on times without numbers, the lecturer had convinced him to sleep with her.
He said that he could not turn down the offer that came with harsh penalties from the lecturer and of course, he desired her as she was seductively beautiful.
He ended up impregnating his lecturer, and it has earned him expulsion from the university.

Its dishearting that this happens just after the sex for grades scandal which exposed some lecturers of the University of Lagos and University of Ghana by BBC.

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