Tips to succeeding at UI

It is often asserted by all University of Ibadan's admirers and Uites in general that the institution is the first and the best. While that statement may be subject to dispute, I think there is a better explanation that is incontestable and that is the fact that UI is the first University in Nigeria and her students are simply the best. I think it is well obvious why UI students are the best, for she prunes 
and prunes her admission list until only the best are admitted into the institution. This then poses a kind of dilemma: if UI's admission procedures ensure that only the best of the best are admitted into the institution, how come some end up 'tsunamised'? The answer to this very question is simple and the understanding of the simplicity of the answer is the difference that does makes the difference between a successful student at UI and a 'tsunamised' one. But let me say this first: that a student is 'tsunamised' at UI doesn't mean he is not intelligent. The truth is many of the 'tsunamised' students are highly intelligent and in actual 
fact, a 'tsunamised' student at UI is acclaimed to be a first-class material in other institutions of higher learning. Having said that, what then is the reason why some of the widely acclaimed best get 'tsunamised' 
from the system? The reason is the same as the reason why some people succeed and others fail, and the reason is that successful students at the University of Ibadan DID what 'tsunamised' students FAILED TO DO. 

In other word, it is the case that successful students at the University of Ibadan have in their hands 
REQUISITE INFORMATION that 'tsunamised' students DID NOT KNOW, which further buttresses the 

Highlighted here in this article therefore, are the few things, few INFORMATION, whose APPLICATION I believe would help any UI student from been a victim of the most dreaded tsunami. 

1. EARLY REGISTRATION: In UI, you will get to do a lot of registrations (medicals, admissions, faculty, 
department, bursary, GES courses) which often require moving from one place to the other and one 
will be met with extensive queues. Well, the long queues are enough to discourage any student from registering and end up developing the 'postponer syndrome'. But my advice would be that you try as much as possible to set a particular date for your registration and make sure you don't call it a quit until you have successfully completed your registration. Studies have shown that early and complete registration in UI gives you peace of mind and if your mind is at rest you have more incentive to focus on other things. Therefore, I beseech you to avoid late registration completely. 

2. TEXTBOOKS: When UI gives you a course material, it will be in your best interest to study the ins 
and outs of the material first before considering other resource materials. Simply because what I've 
been able to deduce so far is that the Lecturers often set most of their questions from the textbooks they recommended and they demand that you use the exact vocabularies or wordings they used in the text. For example, UI has a textbook for GES 101—Use of English—and most of the wordings and names attached to particular items are unique in some ways that may be different from that of other English materials, for you not to end up confused, it will be better to stick with the given material and master the content of the text. As all our seniors—past and present—will testify, UI has never and will never set anything outside of the scope of the textbooks they 
recommended. So consider this a million dollar advice from me. 

3. PAST QUESTIONS: I didn't really esteem past questions so highly until my first central test in UI which happens to be GES 101. Initially, I was engrossed reading the textbook and providing answers to the questions published at the end of the book. But few hours before the exam, my roommate initiated me into a literary conversation and we ended up attempting some past questions. At the end of the day, I figured out that 90% of the test questions (with the exception of the essay question of course) werke taken from the past questions with only little or no alteration. After that 
first encounter, I gathered sense and sourced for as many past questions as I could lay my hand on, because I realized that my success story is tied to them. 

4. READING PARTNER: Shall I use this medium to appreciate my friend and reading partner TRIPLE A 
(Ayebeng Abraham Armand)? 
Because of him I was able to spank SOC 102 and a host of other 
courses. Every discussion with him always results into a massive input into my knowledge repertoire. Successful students at UI have one common denominator and that is the fact that they each have someone they relate and share information with. Since no man is an island to himself, gaining access to more insights about a particular course requires another person's perspective which you can get and always get if you have a reading partner. I'll advise you to find one person and benefit from the synergistic and symbiosis relationship that this advice suggests maximally. 

5. TDB, MTN: On this one I don't have much to say, but what I can tell you is that to pass at UI, you need to do more than casual reading. You need to have your own personal time-table and be diligent enough to be consistent at it. And of course, know what works best for you and leverage on it—TDB or MTN or a different combination of the two. 

6. PERFORM THE "COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS" OF EVERY OF YOUR ACTIONS WITH YOUR G.P IN MIND: This means to attend all lectures even though the Lecturers are uninteresting. Do not 'stab' any 
class unless you have chronic health issues. Don't tell me you are 'stabbing' a class because you 
have headache or catarrh. That's an unwise decision to make given the ground of your acute problem. Remember, 75% attendance is compulsory for you to sit for any exam in UI. Also, don't tell me the reason you are 'stabbing' a class is because you have a prayer meeting. Sundays are specifically meant for you to meet your God and weekdays are meant for classes. Understood? 
Lastly, before you take IDIA 101 or AWO 201 as an elective course, think about your G.P. I repeat, think about your G.P. Nobody is telling you not to flex. Flex a bit. But again, flex with your G.P in mind.What else? 
In the University of Ibadan, it might be too late to get ready; you are therefore charged to LIVE 
READY at all times. N.B. The list is not exhausted. You may add whatever you think might prove instructive to the reader in the comment section. 

- Mathemagician Alabi O. Stephen 
(Class Rep. Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, 100L) 

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