OOU Hostel Matron locks student up for "pooing" on the floor

Female students residing in one of the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) hostels have been threatened by the hostel Matron that she would lock them up for two days and they would be prohibited from going out. This happened in the Mini Campus Hostel ,OOU , F &G hall precisely.
According to a whatsap chat by one of the affected female student,  she claimed that the Matron locked them up and refused to allow them leave the hostel because one of the female students pooed on the floor. Nobody knew who it was and since the culprit wasnt found, the hall Matron asked all the students to clean it up before they will be allowed to leave the hostel not minding that some of the students had tests and assignments to submit that day.

Meanwhile,  the students had complained about lack of water and constant electricity suply in the hostel. Few of them lamented "how was the school expecting them to  get water to go for lectures on time".
And how were they expected to clean the poo without water even if they wanted to.

Watch video of students lamenting

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