You're studying Mass Communication but you're known for Mass Fornication.
You're a student of chemistry but your number of girlfriends remains a mystery.
You're reading physics but your phone is full of pictures of girls with enticing physiques.

You're supposed to be studying mathematics but you have a masters in 'bedmatics'.
You're a student of law, but every semester you have a new 'love'.
You're a student of geography, but your laptop is full of pornography.
You're studying accounting, but your boyfriends we're yet to finish counting.

You say you're a student of engineering, but in pursuing babes you're most persevering.
You're studying banking and finance but there are 3 men you call your fiancé.
You're in the faculty of Languages but you're popular for your sexual bondages.

Instead of being known for studying agriculture, you've become known for your immoral culture.
Instead of focusing on your computer science, you're seen at dark corners at odd times.
You were meant to be studying medicine, but your lifestyle make people think you are made for sin.

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You're a student of management, but in 4 years you've broken 4 engagements.
When others spend their night for study, you spend yours in bed engaging the body.
You have a PhD from the dark corner school of sex education.
You are known for your creative sex styles and positions.

Are you in school to get an education or to waste in fornication?
You're struggling to get a first degree but in bed you're a coach and referee.
You're sexually and emotionally in a mess
Academically, you're far from success
Back home they think you left for schooling
You've made sex your core course... Who are you fooling?


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