Premarital sex is like eating a bag of cheese balls
You can enjoy it but when its over you'll be bored
When you are eating it, it can feel so good
But afterwards your stomach still has no food.

In the world sex is totally over rated
In the world sex is overly celebrated
Your hormones can make sex appear inevitable
But engaging in sex out of marriage will prove regrettable.

Sex outside of marriage will leave you dry and empty
Like cheese balls, you can't be filled though you eat it plenty
Sex out of marriage can be so tempting
But don't get deceived to want to attempt it.

Sex promises enormous and intense pleasure
It promises a fulfillment that is beyond measure
For the sake of sex people give away their treasure
People are living for sex as though it's something major.

The devil makes premarital sex to look so spectacular
He is out to sexually mess up the youths in particular
He gives them a false impression of what sex offers
Only for them to get involved and begin to suffer.

Sex is not love and can't offer you love
Your emotional problems it cannot solve
Don't engage in premarital sex in search for intimacy
Don't get broken by immorality to appreciate celibacy.

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