He beats you now and then but still shines your congo
You're number 6 on his list, yet you can't resist his alogo (cassava)
You're working against yourself like an own goal
You're allowing him trample on you like charcoal?
(Sister why?)

He tells you NEVER to touch his cell phone
You must call before you come to his home
He has no plan to marry and make you his own
But you keep holding unto him cos you don't want to be alone.
(Sister why?)

You do so much to pay for his love like a bank loan
He treats you like trash, and this you condone
Still in your heart, you have built him a throne
You still pray, he should make you the bone of his bones.
(Sister why?)

Don't you know you are treading a danger zone?
You know he's inconsiderate and as hard as stone
Though he always speaks to you in very harsh tones
You still call him romantic, because you love his baritone.
(Sister why?)

He only finds you useful in satisfying his sex drive
And you know, you are not even amongst his 1st five
But you like the way he plays you like a Spanish guitar
You say he sets you on fire like a Cuban cigar.
(Sister why?)

Why have you reduced yourself to a sexual tool?
Why are you behaving like a first grade fool?
The other day, you let him have you in a pool
People were watching, but you felt it was cool.
Sister why?
Sister why??
Sister why???

By Sidney Ahura

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