OAU Suspends lecturer for forcing a female student to give him a blow job

Another sexual harassment scandal has been brought to the lime light of a lecturer in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) asking a female student (identify withheld)for sex.
According to the information gathered from friends of the victim, the lady in question accidentally sent her nude video meant for her best friend (female)to a WhatsApp group but deleted it when she realised her mistake. The video went viral as members of the group downloaded it immediately and kept sharing it. The lecturer in question Mr Monday is apparently a member of the group and he saw the video when it was posted.

This was the situation that led to the lecturer inviting her to his office and harassing her.
After seeing her nude video, he messaged her saying " see me ASAP tomorrow  or else you will be in big troubles. You will need to explain to me why despite my warnings , you still decided to put a nude video to a supposed academic group. I will make sure I deal with you mercilessly ".  Upon getting to his office Sunday February 02,He demanded sex from her of which she denied him of because she was on her period. He later asked her for a 'blow job'.She resisted but he forced her to do it and also asked her to swallow his 'cum'.

According to our sources, when she got to her hostel, she started feeling dizzy and vomited multiple times. She called the lecturer to inform him, but he kept assuring her that nothing would happen to her. All the while, she was recording their conversation.

In the audio recording, he could be heard saying I'm sorry , just take it easy as she kept on vomiting even whiles she was on the call with him. She also complained to him of having vomited five times that day and the cum she swallowed was affecting her. She told him she needed to go to the hospital as she hasnt been feeling well since that day. But he kept assuring her nothing was wrong with her.

The school's management has however reacted to the situation and the Vice Chancellor ordered that Mr. Monday be arrested and prosecuted accordingly. He has however been suspended until his fate is known. Mr Monday until this period was a chemistry lecturer for the Centre for Distance Learning. His fate will be determined by a panel of committee.

Below is the leaked phone record conservation between the lecturer and the student. Click the play button to listen.

Click to listen to the record part 2

Click to listen to record part 3

Click to listen to the record part 4

Click to listen to the record part 5

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