School mother strips and beats up AAU female student for sleeping with her man[VIDEO]

An inhume video has since gone viral on social media of Ambrose Ali University (AAU)  students stripping and beating up a fellow female student for apparently sleeping with her man.

According to reports, the victim is the school daughter of the lady who accused her of sleeping with her boyfand having a relationship with him behind her back.

In the video that has since gone viral, the school mother could be seen with her friends beating the victim to stupor. She was stripped naked and beaten to a pulp. The school mother upon finding out what the victim did,, mobilize her gang of friends, strip her naked, beat her mercilessly and video the entire act and uploaded on social media.

The victim whiles been beaten kept pleading that she had no idea what she was accused of. They wouldn't hear any of it whiles they continued to beat her up.

Watch video below

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