Update on the two UI freshers allegedly impregnated by a painter

Two 100L female students were said to have been allegedly impregnated by same painter contracted to renovate the female hostel, with one having aborted the pregnancy and the other claiming she wants to marry the painter. Reports had it that they were in a sexual relationship with this painter.

The hall press of the Queen Elizabeth hostel has however reacted to the news which was fast spreading when it broke out that the said news was false and it was just an article titled **Amebo** that was published in the hall press publication. 
Their notice reads ;

It has been brought to the notice of *Queens Hall Press* that an article titled *"Amebo"* in the press publication has been misconstrued by the general public to mean a breaking news, therefore it is expedient to clear the air based on this;

📌 Amebo is a weekly publication within the hall press that seeks to address issues that are *rumours* within the hall; this means that it is neither a lie nor the truth. 

📌 It is important to note that I block was painted in first semester and they all left  about three months ago; it is unequivocal that this event did not happen recently as some bloggers claimed it to be by tagging it a "Breaking News" 

With these said, it would be really appreciated if concerned persons treat the message as a rumour that it is, as it will be released as news  when it has been fully verified.

*©Queens Hall Press.*

However students of the University of Ibadan made a whole facade out of the situation and some even took to Twitter to make jokes of the situation. #uipainters was number one trending on twitter last night when it broke.

See some trending tweets

Watch video of their reactions below

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