Coronavirus - Activities Students can engage in whiles schools are on lock-down

Coronavirus – Activities students can engage in

No doubt the corona virus pandemic is taking a toll on everyone and affecting businesses, sports, education and almost everything that we treated as normal before the virus broke out. Students having however been kept away from school with schools shut down do not have any other option than to finds ways in whiling away their time.

This article ping points some activities students can engage in whiles schools are on lock-down. Below are 8 activities students can engage in.

  • .       LEARN A SKILL
  •        GET CLOSER TO GOD
  •        WATCH A MOVIE

Now, let’s take each point at a time and see how students can keep themselves busy through that,


Online classes is one of the unending ways in which students can learn and get interactive whiles at home. They can apply for these classes and at the end get a certificate for it which they can use in building their curriculum vitae (CV). There are so many online classes out there which runs for weeks and months. It could be a class on learning computer software programming, or even classes to further learn about your course of study in school. It depends on what you are interested in. however, google should be your first source in finding out the best online courses and their requirements. Online classes are way safer as you can learn from home without getting worried about contacting the covid-19 virus whiles maintaining social distance.


Its rather quiet unfortunate that this virus has hit the world when least unexpected. And as at the time of writing this article, there is no known cure of the coronavirus. With schools being shut down, students have no idea when all this will be over and when schools being back in session. Students can however learn a skill to help build themselves. It could be makeup, tailoring, hair braiding, bag making, shoe making and so on. This will keep you busy while s acquiring some skills.


Hobbies are activities you love doing or things you are good at. It could be drawing, writing, reading ,blogging etc. You could go online and search different techniques used in drawing so you can improve on yourself. You could also develop your writing prowess and share to friends to help proof read. You could also read a book and improve on your vocabulary. This and many more you can do to while away time.


I know this might not go down well with some students because majority don’t like school work and don’t want to be burdened with it especially in this coronavirus pandemic period. But reading ahead of the lecturer could help broaden your knowledge, and when school resumes, you find yourself having been able to relate with the lecturer because you already have an idea of what is been taught.


Most people do not build their spiritual life because they always have this excuse of been busy and as such do not have time to read their Bibles/Quran. Well, during this lock-down period, students have free periods and this could be a good time, to build your spiritual life, win a soul for Jesus and get closer to God. Perhaps, as believed by many, this virus was intentionally brought upon us by God so we can repent. Getting closer to God isn’t a bad idea, is it?


Sometimes, whiles in school, students get busy and loose contact with friends or some extended family and fail to check up on them. This lock down period could also be used to get interactive with your long lost friends or through social media, Facebook, Instagram or twitter. Get talking and engage in conversations. You could also make new friends who you think you have connections with.


Internships are means by which students gain job experience for future purpose. Whiles in your second year in the university, you could apply for internship at various companies or along your field of study. This will not only give you the experience needed but also help build your CV for the next internship you will partake in or for future opportunities that might come your way. Some companies you apply to do pay for your services at the end of it all, whiles others don’t. But you should partake in an internship with the mindset that you are doing it for you and no one else.


Often than not, whiles in school, students do not have time to watch movies because of the academic work load on them. This lock-down period can be used to watch movies and catch up with old ones you might have missed. It will help you relax and free your mind a bit from academic workload.

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