9 types of guys you'll meet in university


The university campus is undoubtedly an interesting place. You will meet different kinds of people, some who might impact you positively and others who will not. Here are nine types of guys you are likely to meet at a university campus. You are likely to meet, the bookworm, the loner, the player, the bad boy and so on.  However, one can fall into more than one category.

9 Types of guys you'll meet in uni


These guys are the nerds. They are addicted to their books. They know the reason why they are in the university, that is, to read and get good grades. Basically, all they do is read all day and do not mind skipping their sleep to read. They take their studies seriously and make sure to smash any exams. They also like to read ahead of the lecturer and mostly show off their knowledge in class. People normally get attached to them because of what they can learn from them. They are mostly loved by lecturers and admired by friends who stands to gain from them.


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This kinda guy loves going to church. He is mostly the leader in his campus fellowship and takes his religious life very seriously. He believes apart from being in school to learn, his main purpose is to win souls for Christ. You cannot walk by a church boy without being invited to one church program or the other. He is prayerful, and if you end up being his roommate, he makes sure to engage you with morning devotional prayer.


The mama’s boy is basically mummy’s boy. He is pampered by his mum at home and is given anything he asks for. He thus brings that attitude to school. Whatever misunderstanding that ensures at school, he is sure to report to his mum who comes down to the school if possible, to resolve the issue for him. Although he might be matured, he acts like a kid. He is provided for all his needs at school. Other students normally like to take advantage of them because they are gullible. If you end up being their roommate, you are sure to benefit from their foodstuffs.


As his name suggests, he is a player because he plays with girl’s hearts. Ladies should be weary of these kinds of guys because probability of getting their hearts broken is high. They can cook up lies just to get ladies on their beds. They normally do not last long in a relationship. As soon as they get what they are looking for, they leave. They are mostly good-looking guys who use their looks to their advantage.


The ladies’ man is loved by girls. He has a nice aura and charisma that girls love. Ladies just love to be around this guy because of his wits and charms. Most guys in this category do not take advantage of these girls but have that special someone they date. They are mostly good looking guys.



He is the typical bad boy we hear about. He doesn’t take his studies seriously. He is like the opposite version of the bookworm. He comes to lectures late and often than not skips class. He mostly reads one day to the exams and often pays other students to do his assignments. He likes to go to parties, gets high and return to campus the following day. He is mostly feared as he might be in a cult or have fight history with other students. He is just a bad boy.



The loner loves to mind his business. He believes no one loves or care about him in school. He’s reserved and always seem to be lost in thought. He walks alone and does not like making new friends.



The cool guy is just cool. He likes to mind his business. People love to be around him. He has no bad thing about him one would notice. He’s just cool and has a positive vibe.



The gymers basically love going to the gym. They don’t mind gyming all day long. They take pride in their muscles and believe that is the only way to get girls attention. They love to flex their muscles after the day’s workout.


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