Feminism: Call To Order Message To All Nigerian Feminist

Bright Ayeka 

 Until the female take up responsibilities without involving the male counterparts; the fight for feminism can never be successful - Bright Ayeka 

  Feminism in Nigeria, is taking another course. Personalization has set in, which is hindering them to achieving their goal. Equating themselves to man in the matrimonial home, a behavior which can be traced to being an atheist is the major reason the society won't support the movement. 

 Feminism has gone wrong, by focusing more on having a female President without taking responsibilities. 

 The truth is, the movement can't be achieved now but, will be a possible future tense, if they can enlighten the minds of the young females now. This is because, the upcoming mothers are far off lane and they need to be on track, for the love of materials has made them loose value. The main sermon to preach to them is RESPONSIBILITIES

 The first step is to attack the mind of the female youths especially those ready or engaging in a relationship to stop making relationship the means of satisfying their material needs. They should stop the saying I can't date a guy who can't afford my bills and also, married women should take up the challenge of matrimonial bills. Matrimonial bills shouldn't be what will determine your man's love for you.  Submitting all your material wants to a guy/man all because that's your meaning of relationship, makes you prone to total submission. 

 Nota bene, feminism shouldn't be introduced in matrimonial home. Aside culture, it is also in the Holy book that men are the head of the family. Footing matrimonial bills shouldn't make you disrespect your man. By doing this, the society will accept you and pave way to achieving your movement and you won't be supporting atheism unless you're a supporter. 

 Also, females should start opting in for posts. They shouldn't settle for Vice, deputy or other supporting posts. They should target main post and from there, the country will the zeal of their movement and not just fighting without actions. 

 Moreover, You're the type who can't face a lecturer when wronged, The type, who'll accept to exchange sex with mark all because you don't want to retake a particular course. You haven't voiced out and stand your feet to fight oppressors in your immediate environment, you're now engaging in women liberation movement. What's the essence of involving in the movement when your can't exemplify yourself? 

 Conclusion is, unless the females take up responsibilities, as written above. You can never call the tune. 

  I so submit 

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