1OOL UNICAL student commits suicide after she was scammed 100K on facebook

A 100 level student of the University of Calabar (UNICAL) has committed suicide by drinking the deadly insecticide sniper on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at her home in Katsina Ala.  after she was scammed 100,000 naira on Facebook which was meant for her school fees. She couldn't pay the fees because schools were on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The deceased identified as Veronica Bakow (Aged 18)was a  student in the Department of History and International Relations. 

According to  Facebook post in a group for the University of  Calabar student (UNICAL cuties and news arena) made by Too Tee Joe, The deceased Veronica was chatted by the fraudster on Facebook introducing her to an online platform that pays double the investment o whatever money she invested. After being persuaded and convinced by the fraudsters, she decided to risk the 100,000 naira meant for her school fees. After realizing the platform was fake, she became restless.

 It was reported that around 10AM in the morning, her sisters noticed she wasn't feeling fine and her mother had asked her to go to the market to buy some stuff. Veronica lied she wanted to take her bath before she would head to the market. On getting to the bathroom, she drank the sniper and fell to the ground. She was noticed by a neighbor who screamed and shouted for her parents. They asked her what was wrong and she told them she had drunk sniper and what had happened with the scammers. She gave them her password and her family later discovered how it all happened.

She had left a Text message to the fraudsters that if she dies, her blood is on their head.

Friends o the deceased has since expressed shock on social media about her demise. 

Her burial is slated to hold on Tuesday, August 11 at her hometown, Abaver, Katsina Ala in Benue State

May her Soul Rest in Peace

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