''Private universities might resume before public uni'' - NUC gives update on school resumption

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has on Tuesday gave an update on universities resumption after schools were closed down in March due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 
The commission also made it known that preparations were underway to reopen universities which were abruptly interrupted by the pandemic and that institutions who meet the Guidelines for school resumption will reopen.

According to  Dr. Suleiman Ramon Yusuf, the Deputy Executive Secretary of the NUC (Academics)
We gave a template to vice-chancellors of all universities requesting them to suggest to us what kind of protocols and strategies they are putting in place in the various institutions. We are collecting some of the responses which have already started coming in and at the end of the day the picture should emerge about the extent to which our universities are prepared to reopen for academic activities,” he said.

He also added that ''Only a few institutions have been able to utilize open and distance learning systems to keep students engaged while the pandemic lasted and only few laboratories continued with research and development activities.” 
“Nonetheless, the few who engaged in research and innovation work have demonstrated the need for a well-funded and robustly organized national research and innovation system to catalyze the national response.

It was also made known by the commission that efforts were being made to resolve the strike by the Academic Union on Universities (ASUU) which might also threaten the delay of school resumption. Remember that ASUU had advised the government not to reopen schools .
Universities that have put the guidelines in place and are not under ASUU watch were told could continue with their classes. This is to say Private universities might resume before public universities if ASUU does not put off their strike. 

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