UI composes mathematics song ,MATMUSIC , to aid learning in Mathematics

The University of Ibadan has released a song to aid students in the learning of Mathematics and eliminate the fear most students have for the subject.

The song was composed by a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Dr Akin Salami, in the Department of early child education. The song is aimed at simplifying Mathematics for students and is named ‘Mathematics Solution Song’ (MATMUSIC). 

UI composes mathematics song ,MATMUSIC , to aid learning in Mathematics

Speaking at the launch of MATMUSIC on Friday in Ibadan, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof.  Idowu Olayinka commended Dr. Salami and challenged other researchers to discover new ways of enhancing learning by making learning interesting for positive learning outcomes.

“I believe there are other possibilities to teach medicine through music, just to make learning interesting for the learners with the efforts the doctor, instructor or lecturer is putting into, it will make learning much more possible.”

Dr. Salami whiles giving a speech said that ''the idea of MATMUSIC was a product of his teaching experience at the university staff school, where he taught mathematics and realized that the students loved the course when he introduced music in passing alongside the formulas and solutions.''

He further added that the MATMUSIC project was composed to eased the difficulties students face in understanding and solving maths problems in elementary primary schools.

According to him, free audio CDs have already been giving out including those who attended the occasion. 

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